Saturday, 15 December 2012

Life Lately....

Life lately has been really busy, with the Christmas party being yesterday (we ended up having 26 kids) and small group following. But the craziness isn't over yet, because as I've said before, we're still planning more parties and my grandparents are coming to live with us next week. So in the midst of all this,  I was able to grab my camera and take some shots. Here are the photos from life lately....

                                                              - Katie and Bethany -

                                           - my first Christmas ornament  (check out that bokeh!) -

                                                - the thin layer of snow covering the ground -

 - Amy and our friend Sierra -
                                                 - my new oxfords! Thank you so much Brooke :) -

- Hot apple cider -
- yummy cookies! ( I ate one for you Winnie ) -
- Katie and her friend Bronson -
Have a great Saturday people!
xoxox Emma-lee