Thursday, 20 December 2012

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

Randomly singing the sound of music in the car with my best friend // Asking like ten random people how to get on the 401 // Trying to make perogies from scratch. // Realizing that you didn't put the eggs in the cake. // Attempting a push-up // Trying to wrap presents. Fail. // Shocking your finger on a Christmas light // Having to put your glasses on so that you could see someone.

Being surprised by being taken out shopping with my best friend. // Surprising my Mom and Dad with a special anniversary dinner. // 5 more days until Christmas. // Getting unlimited Internet today! // Grandparents coming. // Eating lots of food. // Shopping for Christmas presents. // My little brother. // Getting Parcels in the mail! Thanks Auntie Julie and Grandma H. // Thrift store shopping.

Hope all of you have an amazing weekend, and a fabulous Christmas!



  1. I HATE when I forget an ingredient in a recipe! I made cinnamon swirl sour cream bread for my co-workers last night and I accidently mixed the cinnamon-sugar INTO the bread... when it was supposed to be a topping. I was so mad at myself! It turned out pretty good anyway, but I was scared for awhile that it would be a disaster :P

    Sounds like you had a fab Thursday! :)