Thursday, 6 December 2012

From Sunshine to Snowpants

So the past few days have just been super crazy. We're talking about 35 hours of driving (at least), First Aid / CPR course, and trying to entertain 12 kids on a 24 hour basis. Lesson: Never underestimate the word crazy, when it comes from me. And with all the hustle and bustle, I managed to squeeze in a quick post (how this is possible, I do not no). So here is a list of all the fun and not so fun activities that have managed to govern my life for the last week or so.

- One -
We drove home from Florida! Yippee :) It was long, it was torturous, and I'd like to say it was worth it but It was so super freezing today, that I think I'm going to have to wait on the joyful part. It took roughly 35-40 hours, with a few stops, to make it here. And boy, was I in for a wake-up call (hence the title). Wednesday morning we woke up at 6:00 for a homeschool trip to Lang Pioneer Village, which I would much rather have skipped, and the weather decided to take advantage of my weak immunity for the cold. Brrrr.. So anywho, this is literally the first time I've actually stopped, since last Friday.

- Two -
We took a first aid / CPR course yesterday. It was very educational, and I now know how to save your life if you start choking, or stop breathing. 30 compressions, 2 breaths, 30 compressions, 2 breaths, and so on. I am now certified, and that is a good thing. I would definitely consider signing up for a similar course.

- Three -
Friends. Okay, I'm not blaming my friends for my busyness or anything. Because this part was fun busyness. We stopped a couple of times to visit with friends along the way, and it certainly made the trip seem a lot more do-able and fun. So that was all good, and hopefully I will be able to get together with some of my Peterborough friends soon.

Well, hopefully amidst all of the busyness, we can get the tree up and start wrapping presents and baking cookies. I'm already pretty much in the Christmas mood, and I can't wait to get my room all festive looking. So there you have it, the reason I have been slacking off in the blogging department. Here are some photos from life lately.


Bye For Now!


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  1. Is that your little brother? He looks like you!

    1. yes, that is my little bro. I've been told that a lot! Thanks :)

  2. Sounds like you've been super busy, but with fun! :)

    First aid courses are so important! As a certified lifeguard I get all giddy when people take steps to being safer and more informed about how to save themselves or others!

    Thanks for linking up and here's to getting all rested up!

  3. Coming over from Larissa's blog with the Thursday link-up. Looking forward to reading more! 35 hours of driving! Yeesh!

  4. love the photos! you are gorgeous!