Thursday, 31 May 2012

My Favorite Book

I just finished reading my new favourite book by Kari Chapin called "The Handmade Marketplace". This book is filled with loads of information on starting and running your own business, locally, globally, and online. There are chapters on Blogging, Marketing, and Craft shows just to name a few. I found this book both interesting, inspiring, and educational. And I would highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you aren't planning on starting a small business at all, I think you would be surprised at how much more you will get out of reading the book. Kari Chapin has also just come out with another book called "Grow Your Handmade Business". I have not read it yet, but I am planning to. If you would like more information on Kari Chapin or her books click here


Monday, 28 May 2012

My Bag

                         Here is a new bag I made :o) I really like the way it turned out.

I might do a tutorial on this one, but I'm not sure yet.


Thursday, 24 May 2012


some photos I took a while ago

T - Shirt Refashion

Okay, so you might have seen a shirt refashion similar to this at
I thought I'd try making one myself, and this is how I did it.

Materials: a little less than 1 meter of lace trim, a scoop-neck t-shirt, sewing machine, iron, and pins

step 1. Iron the shirt out flat, then pin the lace down the middle of the shirt like this.

step 2. Sew the lace on. Make sure you keep the lace as flat as possible while sewing. Then sew the lace in place on either end of the shirt.

The End :o)

Sorry I didn't have any more  pictures to show for this tutorial, but if you can't figure it out here, just go to the link above (she knows what she's doing).



Lately (as in the past two days) I have been kind of addicted to sewing..... which is weird because I have never really sewn that much in my life, but all of the sudden I LOVE sewing! So yesterday I went to Fabricland, and purchased some fabric to make some bags. Ever since last night I have been sewing bags non-stop. Here are the three bags I made since 8:00 last night 'til about 1:00 this afternoon. Oh, and yes, I did have some sleep last night.

Here, Katie graciously models purse # 1.

purse # 1

purse # 2

Purse # 3

purse # 3

Please tell me which one you like the best. So I can know which purse to do a tutorial on. I made up the patterns myself, so they are a bit rough, but I will someday perfect my technique! Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this post :o) So long for now!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


When I went outside today, I was so thankful to see that all the trees were green and alive, and that the flowers were all in bloom. It's so wonderful to see the sun again and to hear all the robins, and sparrows chirping in the morning. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a cool breeze blowing through the house on a warm day. Year after year, I always love the wonderful fragrance that fills the air every afternoon. I am very happy that we have such a season called spring, when everything seems to come alive and fresh again. No matter how many people say "It's too hot",  or  "there's too many mosquitoes" I'm always happy when spring comes, and I never really mind "spring cleaning" that much, as long as I'm in shorts and a t-shirt with the windows open, and my favourite music playing in the background. So if your one of those people who always finds something to complain about, this goes out to you. Just remember this, you could be complaining that it's too cold, or that you have to shovel the snow. What would you rather?

I hope this post made you happy,



Cereal Box Notebook

                        Mini Cereal Box Notebook Tutorial

So, I was walking around my kitchen this morning looking for some breakfast, when all of a sudden something POPS out at me (get the joke?)! "I shall eat Corn Pops this morning!" I declared. So after I had eaten my Corn Pops out of their cute little box, I thought to myself....."to throw out or not to throw out?" This decision was not very hard to make, since after all, I did need a new notebook! So I guess that brings me here, to this tutorial on how to make a Cereal Box Notebook. Enjoy :o)

supplies you'll need : miniature cereal box, scissors, sewing machine, thread, and paper

step 1. Cut one side of the box off (skinny side), and the tops and bottoms off too. Your box should look like this.
step 2. Fold the one side in like this.
step 3. Sew along the crease as shown here.
step 4. Fold notebook like this. There should be a little flap going down the centre.
step 5. Cut the little flap in the middle like this.
step 6. Trace out the your page size on the paper. Then cut out pages and fold in half.
step 7. Put the pages in place like this.
step 8. Sew down the crease of the notebook, to secure the pages in place.
So now all you have to do is....write in it!

I hope you liked this tutorial!



Well I've been having fun editing pictures on What an awesome site! Here are some of the pictures I've edited recently.

This is a picture of my sister swimming underwater.....isn't it funny, but cool at the same time.

Isn't this Florida sunset amazing!?

I was so blessed to get a photo like this, standing less than 6 ft. away from this beautiful Osprey. This is probably one of my favourite pictures I've taken.

Amazing Sandcastle! ( I didn't make it though)

Oh! I love taking pictures of these little birds on the beach :o)  so cute!

             I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures. (these were all taken in Florida on our Vacation this past November) Make sure you check out the website above :o)


My Random post

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. My weekend has been very very busy. I've been doing everything from cleaning, and teaching Sunday school, to sewing, and getting ready for a birthday party. So anyways, I was walking around my studio thinking of what to post, (since I haven't really done any crafts recently) when I came across this little piece of artwork I did a while back. I really liked how it turned out so I thought I'd show you guys. Here it is - my "let go balloon"

I hope this inspires you to try making one too :o)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bird Pencil sketch

Recent Bird Pencil sketch I did :o)

My Rainbow Arrow!

                                                My Rainbow Arrow...for a thank you card

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Drawstring Bag Tutorial

Well, I was up late last night making 13 little drawstring bags for a birthday party. So I thought I would make a little tutorial while I was at it. Enjoy!

Materials: one piece of fabric (about 12" by 9") piece of string (about 16" long) Sewing machine, thread, needle, two wooden beads, and iron
1. sew a hem line around the top three sides
2. place string across top side of fabric, fold the hem over, and sew.
3. fold the fabric in half and sew along the bottom and side.
4.flip the bag inside right, and tie the beads on.
and there you have it! This cute little drawstring bag :o)

Thursday, 10 May 2012


Oh, how I love organizing things by colour!

Wooden Box Tutorial

                                                    Here is a cute wooden box tutorial.

Materials: two colours of paint, painter's tape, dollar store wooden box, and stencils (martha stewart)
1. Put the tape on the box like this (be sure all the tape is stuck onto the box without air bubbles or wrinkles).
2. Paint the box with your main colour (make sure the paint does not go under the tape).
3. Carefully peel of the tape
Your box should now look like this.
4. Secure stencil on with painter's tape and paint over.
now you're ready to stencil on the letter
5.Secure stencil and paint over

Thank you for taking the time to look at this tutorial and I hope you get something out of it.


Silhouette Faces on Canvas Tutorial

                                    This is a recent gift I made -  Silhouette Faces on Canvas

Materials: Paper, Printer, profile Pictures, long canvas (painted black), modgepodge, and a paintbrush 

Instructions: 1. first you print the profile pictures you want on the canvas. Make sure they are all relatively the same size (you may need to print a few different copies) 2. cut out the faces and arrange them on the canvas the way you want (make sure the white sid of the paper is facing up) 3. When you have everything assembled, paint modgepodge over the entire canvas, and stick the faces on. Be sure there are no air bubbles under the paper 4. then paint the modgepodge over the silhouettes being sure there are no air bubbles 5. Let the canvas air dry, or use blow dryer (that's what I used) 6. Stand in amazement of the wonderful piece of art you just created!

I hope you were able to follow this tutorial easily. I apologize for the fact that there were no step - by step - pictures. Sorry

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Mason jars

OH, Yes! I am obsessed with Mason Jars.

(left to right)
 Mason Jar Soap dispencer, Painted Mason Jar vase, Antiqued Mason jar (with chalkboard painted lid)