Tuesday, 22 May 2012


When I went outside today, I was so thankful to see that all the trees were green and alive, and that the flowers were all in bloom. It's so wonderful to see the sun again and to hear all the robins, and sparrows chirping in the morning. Nothing can compare to the feeling of a cool breeze blowing through the house on a warm day. Year after year, I always love the wonderful fragrance that fills the air every afternoon. I am very happy that we have such a season called spring, when everything seems to come alive and fresh again. No matter how many people say "It's too hot",  or  "there's too many mosquitoes" I'm always happy when spring comes, and I never really mind "spring cleaning" that much, as long as I'm in shorts and a t-shirt with the windows open, and my favourite music playing in the background. So if your one of those people who always finds something to complain about, this goes out to you. Just remember this, you could be complaining that it's too cold, or that you have to shovel the snow. What would you rather?

I hope this post made you happy,



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