Thursday, 10 May 2012

Silhouette Faces on Canvas Tutorial

                                    This is a recent gift I made -  Silhouette Faces on Canvas

Materials: Paper, Printer, profile Pictures, long canvas (painted black), modgepodge, and a paintbrush 

Instructions: 1. first you print the profile pictures you want on the canvas. Make sure they are all relatively the same size (you may need to print a few different copies) 2. cut out the faces and arrange them on the canvas the way you want (make sure the white sid of the paper is facing up) 3. When you have everything assembled, paint modgepodge over the entire canvas, and stick the faces on. Be sure there are no air bubbles under the paper 4. then paint the modgepodge over the silhouettes being sure there are no air bubbles 5. Let the canvas air dry, or use blow dryer (that's what I used) 6. Stand in amazement of the wonderful piece of art you just created!

I hope you were able to follow this tutorial easily. I apologize for the fact that there were no step - by step - pictures. Sorry

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