Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cereal Box Notebook

                        Mini Cereal Box Notebook Tutorial

So, I was walking around my kitchen this morning looking for some breakfast, when all of a sudden something POPS out at me (get the joke?)! "I shall eat Corn Pops this morning!" I declared. So after I had eaten my Corn Pops out of their cute little box, I thought to myself....."to throw out or not to throw out?" This decision was not very hard to make, since after all, I did need a new notebook! So I guess that brings me here, to this tutorial on how to make a Cereal Box Notebook. Enjoy :o)

supplies you'll need : miniature cereal box, scissors, sewing machine, thread, and paper

step 1. Cut one side of the box off (skinny side), and the tops and bottoms off too. Your box should look like this.
step 2. Fold the one side in like this.
step 3. Sew along the crease as shown here.
step 4. Fold notebook like this. There should be a little flap going down the centre.
step 5. Cut the little flap in the middle like this.
step 6. Trace out the your page size on the paper. Then cut out pages and fold in half.
step 7. Put the pages in place like this.
step 8. Sew down the crease of the notebook, to secure the pages in place.
So now all you have to do is....write in it!

I hope you liked this tutorial!


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  1. That is such a great idea Emma-lee! I have to try this! :D