Thursday, 24 May 2012

T - Shirt Refashion

Okay, so you might have seen a shirt refashion similar to this at
I thought I'd try making one myself, and this is how I did it.

Materials: a little less than 1 meter of lace trim, a scoop-neck t-shirt, sewing machine, iron, and pins

step 1. Iron the shirt out flat, then pin the lace down the middle of the shirt like this.

step 2. Sew the lace on. Make sure you keep the lace as flat as possible while sewing. Then sew the lace in place on either end of the shirt.

The End :o)

Sorry I didn't have any more  pictures to show for this tutorial, but if you can't figure it out here, just go to the link above (she knows what she's doing).


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