Thursday, 6 December 2012

Awkward // Awesome Thursday

Sitting in the same place for 4 hours at a time, surrounded with stuff // Waking up with swollen eyes // Trying to start a conversation with someone you haven't seen in a long time // Counting 10 saws, 5 scythes, and 3 random blade things hanging from the ceiling of Cracker Barell. YIKES! // Enduring incredibly cold weather conditions. // Snowpants. // Trying to work the camera with gloves on. // Having 4 different people bring up how I used to (like when I was six) chew paper like it was gum, in one day. // Trying to communicate your order at a restaurant to someone who doesn't know English. // Being threatened by a random 5 yr. old. // Being waaaay too happy. // and Acting like a choking person at a CPR course.

Wrapping Presents. // Going out to the back yard to cut down a Christmas tree for my room. // Seeing my Best Friend very soon! // Organizing presents. // Making Presents. // Christmas in only 24 days! // Listening to Christmas music. // Getting 50 followers! // Discovering all the stuff I forgot about while I was away. // Wearing hats, and cozy clothes. // The wood stove. // Surprises! // Crafting like crazy. // Being back at home. // Knowing CPR // Meeting up with old friends. // Getting money in the mail. // My brother. // and socks.

Hope you all have a wonderful Weekend! and I will post again soon :)



  1. Hi Emma-Lee! Your blog is delightful. I really like your visual and writing aesthetic!

  2. Wrapping presents definitely counts as awkward for me. Even more awkward: giving the wrapped presents.

    I love giving presents but when I've wrapped them myself... oi.

    Well. I guess it's what they say: it's the inside that matters?

  3. You forgot about the part where you actually told people that the paper WAS real gum, and wouldn't share it with them because it wasn't real gum... and that, like, every kid you told believed you. ;) LOL

  4. You know what else is really awkward is when you have to pretend to save someone who is pretending to choke on pretend perogies! lol