Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What I Wore Wednesday

            Glasses - Zenni Optical // Shirt - Old Navy // Sweater - Urban Planet
// Coat - Old Navy // Jeans - American Eagle //  Boots - Stitches // Necklace - Urban Planet

So I'm sorry I wasn't really smiling for any of the pictures. It's not because I think I'm too cool to smile or anything (honestly, I would die if that were true), It was just really cold. And running back and forth pressing the self timer button, and posing, was not the most enjoyable activity. But with the coat, it's a pretty warm and comfy outfit for the Winter. I really like this sweater!...well, mostly the elbow patches on the sweater...and the colour. I love the colour! But, anywho...Thanks for reading! I hope you people have warmer weather than we do here :)

xo Emma-lee