Monday, 18 February 2013

Re-Introducing Me.

Let's go back to Tuesday, May 8th 2012. That's my bloggaversary date, the day I wrote this post. My very first post ever. Pretty Brief eh? Yeah, let's just say....It wasn't really a good & proper first post. And I'm actually kind of embarrassed to show you guys. I named off a few of my hobbies, and basically said Hi and welcome to my blog. That's it. Plain and Simple. But, I feel like plain and simple wasn't enough. I feel like I haven't really truly introduced myself to you. So today I'm going to set things straight, and re-introduce myself.  Because I want you guys to really know me. I mean who likes reading blogs that are written by an unknown person in cyberspace? not me. :b

So here we go, it's the much dreaded post about the author of this blog:

                   Let's just get one thing straight before we go any further, I am was adorable.
And I learnt at a very young age to "grin & bare it" while my younger sister was crying.
I still have to use that method every now and then....

I'm not all that great about talking about myself. So that would be why I called this a "much dreaded post". But, who knows! you might actually find this very interesting. :b
Yes, yes, it's true. I like making things. Now, I'm not the amazing tissue paper seamstress I used to be, but I do still enjoy other crafts. Just take a look on my Pinterest! and Meanwhile, I've probably only made maybe 20% of the crafts I pin....But, I use the right side of my brain most often. :)
and I'm sure you will find at least one cool craft project on this blog.....hopefully...
I also LOVE blog design, and drawing! and pretty much anything art related.
I'm one of those girls who can't play soccer or hockey {or really any sport} to save her life. Yup. that's me :b
^Annnd that's my family!^
 Cute little one eh? Yeah, I've got 5 siblings and counting :)
and in case you didn't already guess, we homeschool. And I'm so thankful for that.
I love my family so much! and being able to go to school in the same house at the same time with them is pretty special (well, most of the time).
hehe and you thought we lived in igloos here....
Okay, so the truth is...we don't live in igloos or plywood shelters here :b
But, I am a country girl. (country girl, not cave woman)
We live in a wood house surrounded by trees, and I love it here!
as for the photo above...well, that's the result of too many Bear Grylls shows :b
and lastly {but certainly not least} I am a Christian.
I believe that Jesus Christ, God's Son, came to die for the sins of everyone.
And that I am alive because of him. I'm not ashamed to write about my faith on this blog,
but I'm not going to try shoving religion down your throat.
I would be more than happy to explain more about Christianity to you, if you want though.
I love Jesus, and I pray that he will help me lead others to him too.
whew! I'm done now! I hope you guys enjoyed this little post about me :)
I know I didn't cover everything...but you can't say I didn't try.
So thank you for reading my little blog.
I hope you will stay awhile, and didn't get too scared away by reading this post.
~ Thanks ~
xo Emma-lee


  1. hahaha! now it's my turn to laugh at you and your igloos in minus whatever while I sit outside in the sun beside the pool! :P

  2. I love the country! Nice to get to know you a bit better!

  3. I loved this post! I haven't done an official intro post either, except for what I've randomly shared since my blog started in September. It's cool to get to know more about you :D I had no idea you were from Canada!

    I'm one of six kids too and we homeschooled also :)

    I loooove to create also!! I'm going to check out your Pinterest!

  4. Oh girl, you're cute. Too cute. That first picture? Totally melted me.
    (you looked a lot like me. Gasp!)

    Oh yes....Bear Grylls influence!!! I love it! I read his big big book, and now I feel I know him personally. haha.
    Now when I go places, I'm like *insert bear grylls voice* "What would you do in this worse case scenario." haha.

    I love him.

    You have a beautiful family :) It was fun getting to "know" you a little more.

    1. hehe I know! I got the book for my Dad (didn't actually read it myself yet). And his voice! like how he says vitamin C, and Zebra :b We imitate him a lot around our house. LOL we even play "Survival Run". haha it really is quite amusing ;b

      Thanks :)
      xo Emma-lee

  5. ha! loved that "grin and bare it" picture! have to do that all the time.... :)

  6. You seem like a really sweet person. I love that you have a large family - I do too, but not quite as big!

    Also, on a random note? I actually have a character named Emma Leigh, in my book. ^_^

    -Leah Kathryn

  7. i'm a blogger too!! i liked your photos and writing about yourself:]