Thursday, 28 February 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

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spelling the word Bottom with an E... // Dancing like crazy with my sisters // My Grandparents bringing perogies (my greatest weakness) for dinner. God, will you forgive me if I take today off? // Running outside in a tank-top and bare feet to take a photo. I'm crazy. // Getting my purse tangled around my body (not purposely of course). // My eight yr. old sister arguing with me about something computer related.  // Telling my sister a story about a  magical onion that healed a small town of sick people, hoping that she would like onions. Apparently children aren't interested in the healing powers of onions. Who knew? // Some very...*ahem* popping up on my computer // People calling me Emma. Em is is lee. Why Emma?? // Reading everyone's "I'm Sick" posts. // Being sick // Trying to cross-country ski for the first time. FAIL. // Having a dream that my Mom sent off my job application form without going over it to check if everything was right. And then when I got the job, everyone called me Jimmy because that's what she wrote on the form. :s  Can I have a dream interpreter here?

Loud Music // Big Snowflakes // Baby Rosie coming next week!! // My big furry hat // Homemade french fries :D  // Rapping along to B. Reith *waves at Brooke* //  Jamie Grace and TobyMac concert soon! // Bass // Photography Class // Life. // Snow....well, looking at it... // My little sister giving me important life advice

~ Emma-lee


  1. I tell my brother stories just so he will eat food, too. :D I'm not saying it works...

  2. Haha! That photo. And your dream. Lol!

  3. Jamie Grace and TobyMac concert???