Thursday, 7 February 2013

Awkward & Awesome

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Bowling. It's just really awkward when you're too weak to bowl with one hand :( // Trying to put eyeliner on another person's eye. Excuse me while I stretch apart your eyelid....ahem, *waves at Sydney* // Trying to do jumping jacks in your room, and having your sister come up from downstairs to tell you you're making the ceiling shake. Nice. // Typing (not even reading it aloud) the name of a song, and getting it stuck in your head. grrrrr.... I hate that. //  the question, "Are you on Facebook?" no, some people just don't have facebook...okay! // Sorry // Playing on Webkinz. Maan, does that ever bring back memories! //

Having 63 followers! you guys are the best! // Chookey // One month left until Rosie's born! (I need a nickname for her if you guys want to help me out with that) // Friends coming over // Birthday Parties! // Slippers. // Awesome Songs // Emailing fellow bloggers // Nice Comments. They make my day :) //

Have a great Weekend everyone!



  1. Oh no! I'm considered lazy!
    Really, I didn't even bother to read that number after I saw the first three digits :)

    ---->> Kate

  2. lol... thats the second time i have seen that picture and i still didnt bother reading that number! :P

  3. So all of this basically made my day better!

    I don't have facebook either and no one ever believes me!

  4. Ah, yes. Bowling is not for the weak people. Or the people who manage to smash their foot with the ball. Ouuuuch.

  5. Yep, basically laughed outloud about the Facebook one. Actually, at all of them....Oh the pain.
    Yeah, having songs stuck in your head....wouldn't happen to be, "everybody's got somebody but me", would it? Thanks to you (jk) its stuck in my head. ;)

    I once went bowling with a bunch of 4 yr olds, and its was one embarrassing event....Yep, they were amazing and I sucked till the last try.

    1. Haha yup...I've actually had that song stuck in my head all day. But, ya're the one that brought Hunter Hayes up in the first place! LOL

    2. Yeash, sorry ;) I can't just keep it to myself....If its stuck in my head, I might as well make it stuck in your head too. haha. Storm Warning is just worse....its even more catchy, it'll never leave. Stay away from it! ;) lol.

    3. *looks up song*...thank you for that Lauricia. Just got that other song out of my head...I'm gonna wish I had a storm warning!!! yeah really... LOL

  6. You made me crack up..You caught me with that number! As for bowling, I am sooooo bad at it, I stopped going. I took lessons once with my mom 5 weeks!! Then we played and I scored 22! Yep, so bad they announced it over the PA system. Ugh. I'm too clumsy for it.

  7. haha that Facebook one always happens to me. And, yeah, I'm waaay lazy.;)