Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

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Well, it's that time of year again. Yeah, you know what I mean.
So, I thought it would be nice to write about it. What to write, what to write??? oh! I know!

It's Arizona's 101th birthday today! Exciting eh? Yeah, and it's also Single's awareness day. Which brings me back to that same topic I was trying to get out of earlier....I don't really have anyone to get all mushy over though. But, I do think that it's a great time to remind ourselves what love means. Love's not reserved for couples, and neither is Valentine's day! Everyone needs to show love. And Valentine's day is just a great excuse. :b And coincidentally, it's also RAK (random act of kindness) week! (no joke, I did my research) So show a little love to someone this week. Heck, show love all year round!! Because it really isn't all about getting your loved one a fancy box of chocolates...although, there really is nothing wrong with that ;b

Have a great Valentine's Day People!

~ Emma-lee

PS: What do ya say? Will you be mine? :b


  1. Okay, now I have to ask: WHAT is Single's Awareness Day? What am I missing out on? Why is it on February 14th? I see it everywhere but I have no idea what it means. I'm so uneducated. I need google.

    Oh, and I do perform random acts of kindness. I spread letters of encouragement, motivation, support and love throughout the city (cities, actually), leaving them on random places for random strangers to find. It's a whole lot of fun, even though I'll never know how they felt or what they thought when they read it.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    1. Hehe Single's Awareness day is just a made up thing. :) I think it's just something Singles say on Valentine's Day. Kinda like a joke ;) Google helped me with that.

      yeah, I haven't really been out anywhere all week, but I can't wait to do something random tomorrow! maybe a friendly note on a washroom mirror? idk

      Happy Valentine's Day to you too!
      ~ Emma-lee

  2. Singles awareness day.....*and my laugh slowly fades*
    Okay really?? More like a day to write ANOTHER letter to my future husband..... ;)

    Happy Valentines Day, Emma :)

  3. Hehe Happy Singless Awareness Day! :P I'll be yours!!! Haha.

    I'm with you and a lot of others... I try to show my love all year 'round. And some day I'll happily celebrate this day with my unknown boyfriend/fiance/husband!

    I had no idea it was RAK week. Darn it! I've basically missed it since I won't be back in town until next week!

  4. Omigosh I love your blog design. Cute post too.

    Anna x

  5. Aw, cute!
    I'll be yours, Emma-Lee! (and no, I didn't intend to come off as weird-ish)

    RAK? I had no idea. Thanks for reminding me!

    xx <3

  6. "love's not reserved for couples, and neither is valentine's day" I love that!
    this is such a cute post!
    your blog is so wonderful and I enjoy it!
    I will be your valentine!
    haha have a wonderful weekend pretty lady!

    ~Morgan Ilg