Saturday, 16 February 2013

a late Awkward & Awesome Thursday

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sorry it's kinds late. But, I was pretty busy on Thursday so I didn't have time :b So I guess it's Awkward & Awesome Saturday?
Trying to sew a Little Red Riding Hood midnight.....without a pattern. // Having this song stuck in your head {thanks Brooke} // Playing Charades. Apparently Mr. Bean does Gangnam style? // ^^ trying to balance the light switch between ON & OFF ^^ // Waking up this morning and being told by my little sister that I can't use the computer because she has to re-design her Webkinz room, or else her pet will die. Kids these days...pffft // Trying to run on ice. Not the greatest idea ever... // Accidentally taking a Costco sample that contained wheat. Oh, please forgive me God! I spit it out! // Losing a follower...what did I do wrong? // Trying to complete every level of  the "Logo Quiz" app. Pretty nerdy eh? // Forgetting stuff // Being told to sing a solo part at choir, without even knowing the words or the tune. Talk about being put on the spot! // and know you do it :b 
Getting a sweater with thumb holes!! // Weekends // A nice Quiet house // 69 followers, 374 comments, and 179 posts! well, it's a start.... // The sun // Mashed Potatoes // Friends coming over // Photoshoots // Valentine's Day // Talking with this girl // Getting awesome emails from other bloggers *waves at Lauricia* // This Band // Wheat. They do say you don't know what you have until it's gone. :/
Have an Awesome Saturday Folks!
~ Emma-lee


  1. Your very welcome! lol
    And I knew I had to be on that awesome list somewhere. It just took me a sec to figure it out :P

  2. Awe, thanks, girlfriend. I love talking to you too :)

    "this band" is what I woke up to this morning....And it was lovely.

    Losing a follower....Hmmm....That's interesting. How does that happen?! Your blog is so interesting.
    I think I lost a follower once....(And you see, you realize these things for you're constantly checking to see if there's another ;) haha.

    I did every single thing on that list....Wow.

  3. .....And that song...."kiss you".....I made the mistake once of listening to that....*Big big grimace*
    I should have known better....haha.

  4. I love Anthem Lights new song!