Sunday, 25 November 2012

Happy Birthday!


Once upon a time my family moved 3 hours away from our house in Milton, to the middle of no where in Peterborough. We left behind our friends, our church, and everything I had known for the past 5 years of my life. It took us a while to finally make new friends and join a new church, and really just adjust to our new way of life. But my parents decided to put me and my sister in a private christian school for half a year. It was hard going into a school, after being homeschooled my entire life, and I didn't know anyone there. So the first week or two, I kept to myself, and didn't really interact with any of the other kids. But I do remember that one gym class in January, when we were all playing hockey outside. I've never been a fan of sports, and I've never been good at playing them either. So I did what I normally do, and just kind of avoided the puck, and randomly walked around, trying not to draw any attention to myself. All of the sudden, one of the boys in my class threw a puck at my head. (yes, it hurt a lot)  Trying to hold back the tears, I asked the Gym teacher if I could sit out. After a little negotiation (and after she called me a spoiled sport), she let me sit on the side of the pavement. At that time there were two other girls sitting out too. I noticed them, but I didn't say anything at first. Then my little eight year old brain, was struck with an amazing idea! At the time, it seemed like all the girls my age, collected littlest pet shops. You know, those little animal figurines, with the Wobbly heads. I loved those things, and so I thought that maybe those two girls sitting beside me, might like them too. I edged a little closer to them, and popped the question, "Do you like littlest pet shops?". I could see both of their faces light up with excitement as they answered "yeah! We collect them!".  I don't really know how to explain my happiness at that moment, when I realized that these two girls could possibly be the new friends I had been waiting for. I mean let's be honest, when your eight, It really doesn't take much to get super excited about something. It's really funny now to look back and think that all I said was "Do you like littlest pet shops?". But, that was my life back then. I never walked into a store without looking for the littlest pet shop section. Anyways, us three girls had a lot of fun bringing our newest Littlest Pet Shops to school everyday to show them off. We would trade, and play, and before we knew it. We became best friends! And then there were Webkinz, (but that's an entirely different story) Groovy girls, and anything else we could collect. We were seriously meant for each other. But somewhere along the way, I kind of lost the friendship with one of those girls. And my very bestest friend on the entire earth became Brooke, the person who has been with me through everything. She has seen me happy, and sad. She's shared the same crazy ideas about our future, and she probably knows almost everything about me. I've stayed awake with her until 4:00 in the morning, talking about everything from embarrassing moments, to genius plans. And today, even though I'm not with her, I'm so excited and happy for the 6 wonderful years of friendship I have shared with her. And the 15 years she's been alive. I'm truly blessed to call her my friend, and I just can't imagine my life without her. I could go on talking about all the funny memories I have of us, but for now I'm just going to stick with a list of the many words that describe her.

Beautiful (inside and out) // Talented // Dedicated // Loyal // Funny // Amazing // Friendly // Likeable // Blessed // Awesome // Photogenic // Patient // Intelligent // Social // Happy // Encouraging // Trustworthy // ....and I'm sure I could think of more, but there aren't enough words to describe her perfectly.

So Thank you for being an amazing friend Brooke! I hope God continues to bless you in the years to come, and  I pray that all your dreams come true :O)



PS: Here's a link to her DeviantArt page, it would be awesome if you'd leave her a birthday wish.

and in case you don't remember littlest pet shops, maybe this will help:

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  1. This is a beautiful post, Emma-lee!
    Makes me miss my best friend. :)
    Happy Birthday Brooke! Hope you have a fantastic day! :D

  2. So cute! Both of you are lucky to be best friends and have found each other. :)

    Happy Birthday Brooke!

  3. I don't usually cry while reading.This is weird. Thank you. You are... amazing. I'm so glad you're my best friend. Ah, thank you :) I love you :D