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Anjali Guest Post

Right now I would like to welcome Anjali from L&P to English Tea.  I'm super duper excited that She is guest posting today, so Enjoy!

-the girl behind the blog-
Hey guys! My name is Anjali (pronounced Un-Ja-Lee, emphasis on the ‘un’. Confusing, I know. Sorry). I’m a New Zealander who has moved to England this year. I like to think I’m an artist, musician, crafter, DIY-er and photographer, though sometimes I have doubts. I have two blogs, one is 
 which is supposed to be about moving from New Zealand to England and life in a different hemisphere, but really it’s just my every day ramblings, DIYs, lists of everything and perhaps a post or two about living in England. The other blog is for my photography, which is why I’m here today. Anyway, here it goes.

                                                                         taken with fujifilm

Where to start!? I’ve always loved taking photos. I remember getting my first camera for my birthday when I was about 10. It was a film camera, and was the size of shoe. I kid you not. Since then, I’ve upgraded twice. My second camera was a FujiFlim FinePix J12 camera, and it was (and still is) bright pink. My parents bought me this one too, as a "you’ve-finished-high-school" present. Getting this camera sort of started an avalanche of photos. I finally had a digital camera that I could take photos with and the put them on my computer. I started taking more artsy pictures, as opposed to pictures of just my friends and whatever event was going on at the time. These photos just ended up on my computer though, not really doing anything.

It was only really last year, in 2011 that I really sort of took my photography to the next level. My friend is a wedding photographer and she asked me if I would like to be her assistant photographer for a couple of weddings that she was doing. I loved it! It was really great! In May of 2011 I finally decided to buy a SLR camera. I had been hesitant because I didn’t have much money; I was a University student and I had a small loan to pay off. One day I was looking at cameras, and just thought "right. Just do it". So I did. And now I have a SLR camera, a Canon 400D and I love it pieces.

Because of this epic new buy, I started a Facebook Page called
{ anjaliHYPERLINK "" photography }, and try to update that every day. This year I started a blog, also called Anjali Photography, and though I haven’t updated that as much as I should, I do try to post now and then.

                                                            taken with Canon SLR

Wow. That was a longer intro than I was expecting! Sorry!!

What I was actually going to write about was how you don’t have to have a fantastic camera to take a fantastic photo. Recently I’ve been struggling with this. I really love my Canon 400D and it’s probably the best purchase I’ve ever made, and I couldn’t be without it. But I keep seeing better cameras out there, and bigger lenses and this and that and the other thing that I know could really improve the quality of my photos.

                                                                        taken with Canon SLR

That’s what I thought until a few weeks ago, when my camera lens broke. It’s somehow jammed itself into itself. It’s going to cost quite a bit of money to fix and/or to buy a new lens, and I don’t have any money. So! I’ve taken a step back, grabbed my faithful FujiFilm from storage and I’m using that at the moment.

                                                                       taken with fujifilm

Although the photo quality isn’t to the standard I’m used to, it’s really been nice to just point and click, without checking the ISO, or the Aperture or any of those fancy words that no one really knows the meaning of. Sometimes, I think it’s fantastic to have a great camera and all the fancy gear that goes along with it, but other times it’s simply nice to breathe and to just take a photo. It turns out that I can be without my Canon 400D, and although it’s hard at the moment, I think it’s good for me to step back and take a simpler view on everything.

                                                                 taken with fujifilm

So, I think, what I’m trying to say to any budding photographers out there (or anyone who likes taking photos), is that remember that it’s not about what camera you use, or what equipment you have, it’s about you and your passion. And that’s really all that matters. It’s the person behind the camera, not the camera itself that makes a photo great.

                                                                       taken with canon SLR

Thank you so so so much Anjali! If you follow my blog you should definetely follow hers! Stay tuned for another guest post from Her, later this month.

God Bless,
Emma-lee (and Anjali)

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  1. Thanks Emma-lee!!! I love the way you've set it out! Fantastic!!