Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Guest Post by Larissa

Today I'd like you to Welcome Larissa! She so very kindly, wrote up a guest post for me. Thank you so much Larissa! I hope all you guys enjoy what she has to say.
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 Hello there In Real Life readers! First of all I'd like to thank Emma-lee for this opportunity to introduce myself to you!

A Bit About Me: My name is Larissa and I blog over at Papa is a Preacher. I'm a Christian and although my blog has no intention of pushing my beliefs down your throat, I do mention Him every once in a while. :) I'm also about a month away from being a homeschool grad! I'm really excited about that and hope to begin university this spring. I'm going for a Communications Major! To get to know more about me and my family, I've written this post here.

A Bit About Where I Write: Papa is a Preacher is about everything really, here a little and there a little. Oftentimes you'll find posts about my family's travels. (Daddy's a Preacher and he sometimes has to travel around the globe. Sometimes we get to go with him. So I get to blog about that. Always fun.) There are DIY posts and more on the way because we're moving into a new house soon! In short there's never a dull moment at Papa is a Preacher, we have link ups and try to have a sense of community with our readers and fellow bloggers. :)
 We'd love it if you passed by got to know us a bit and stayed a while! Here's a more complete introduction if you'd like to get to know the protagonists of Papa is a Preacher better.
Thanks again Emma-lee!

Blessings, Larissa T. ~* 

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