Saturday, 24 November 2012

Guest Post from Kelsie

Hi Everyone! Today I have Kelsie here, from Bella Ragazza. Thank you so so much Kelsie! And I hope all you guys enjoy reading this inspirational article. I have a feeling you'll love it.



Hello lovely readers of In Real Life! I'm Kelsie I blog over at  Bella Ragazza! I'm honored Emma-Lee asked me to do a guest post for her lovely, lovely blog! Have a lovely Holiday season! 

so we all go through a time where we feel totally unmotivated and uninspired. If it comes to your blog, photography, or just life; sometimes we just feel we lost all creativeness and all motivation! here are a few tips to help regain your motivation and get more inspiration:

1. Take some time off of the internet. the internet is great, but sometimes it can really make us feel...well lame. We tend to compare ourselves too much to others work (guilty!) we see and start to think to ourselves "why doesn't my work look like that?!" or "why can't my blog just look like that?".  But  in  reality we are still in the process of building our own "brand", so we just need to remember we our still discovering our own style and that takes time.

2. read a book. read an old classic maybe, read something funny, intense (i'm on the last Hunger Games book, whew!), crazy, sad, serious, just whatever! reading a good book will help and also help clear your mind with a new adventure of a story you just read! 

3.visit new places and take pictures! going on an adventure always helps me get inspired, for sure! it makes me thing and look around that the things and the beauty around me!
4.try a new hobby. try something new! something that makes you want to tell your readers (for your blog!), or take pictures of! 

5. take a break from trying to hard. I always find myself just trying to be prefect and do everything just right. this my friends, can be tiring. don't put so much pressure on yourself, it's okay to take a break. live now, blog later. 

there are a few easy tips to help get motivated and inspired!


Please go check out Kelsie's Blog here. And if there is anyone who is interested in Guest Posting, please leave me a comment with your email, and I'll shoot you an email as soon as possible. Thanks again Kelsie!

<3 Emma-lee

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