Thursday, 29 November 2012

Awkward // Awesome Thursday

So Kelsie from Bella Ragazza gave me the idea to start doing awkward and awesome Thursday posts. So without further ado, lets begin.

Sitting in the hair cutter's chair, feeling very vulnerable. // Being asked if I'm my little brother's mother. No, I'm not that old! // Emailing someone saying your sending them an attachment, and you forget to send the attachment. Ugh, it happens to me a lot more than it should. // Trying to order an ice tea at McDonald's in the United States. // Going up to a cash register in Target, forgetting that I only have Canadian money. Oh Boy! Am I losing my mind? // Spending Waay to much time on the computer. // Watching American Idols worst auditions ever. So funny! // Finding out that one of my favourite artists visited 10 minutes away from my house, while I'm in Florida. Why did I have to be in Florida? //  Singing along to the radio in a store. // Passing out while going to the washroom.
Cuddling with my little brother as I write this. // Being constantly inspired by Pinterest, and etsy. // Watching good movies. // Reading an awesome book (that doesn't happen very often). // Buying Christmas Presents for Family. // Getting a much needed hair cut // Being hired to draw a portrait. // Talking to Friends on the phone. // Spending sunny days at the beach. // Listening to new music, and Christmas songs on the radio. // Large Cold Sweet Teas // Warm Comfy pj's // Drawing Random Doodles // Going to humongous bookstores // Dreams // Adorable Yorkies // My Best friend's Birthday // Randomly dancing like a ballerina around the house. //  TobyMac's Eye on it CD. // Unlimited High Speed internet. // Christmas on it's way! // This amazing giveaway.
Thanks for reading guys! and thank you Kelsie for inspiring me to do this! It sure was fun :O)


  1. Cool list of awkward and awesome stuff!! Visiting from Larissa's linky party. :D


  2. Love it! And doesn't Kelsie always have the best awkward and awesome posts?!

    1. Thanks :O) Yeah Kelsie always has the best posts in general! She's awesome.

    2. awh, this literally made my day today<3 you guys are so sweet! thank you:)

  3. Ha, so...dancing around in the house now, are we?

  4. Thanks for following me, Emma-lee :) Your blog is super cute! <3

  5. this is awesome. you're awkward list is the best. the first one about being in the hair cutter's chair, SO TRUE! I'm always just sitting there trying to make conversation like "sooo, how are you today?..." haha
    thank you for mentioning me, you're so sweet!

  6. I love this idea! Also - randomly dancing around the house is something I do so much...even though I have hardly any co-ordination!

    (Joining from Larissa's party!)

  7. I love this! <3
    And guess what? I've been randomly dancing around the house too!

    ---->> Kate