Wednesday, 2 January 2013

DIY ipod case

So I know it's a little bit late to call this a Christmas gift idea, but that's what I made them for. I personally don't own an ipod myself, but my friends and sister do. So I though that making them these cute ipod sleeves/cases would be an easy, cost effective gift project. All you need is some felt, embroidery floss, scissors, a needle, and about a half hour. I searched pinterest for some inspiration, and experimented a little with how I wanted them to look, until I came up with these adorable (if I do say so myself) little animal patterns. You'll want to make the sleeve wide enough to fit the ipod, but thin enough so that the ipod doesn't slip out easily. I started out with two 13 x 7 cm.  pieces of light brown felt, two more pieces of dark brown felt for the ears, and one heart shaped piece of light pink felt for the nose.

First: you're going to start stitching on the ears.

                                                        and tie the floss off at the back.

now your puppy should look something like this.
Thread your needle with some pink embroidery floss, and stitch on the nose.
Next you'll want to stitch on the eyes. *
                                  Thread your needle, and begin a blanket stitch around the edges.

                                                    This is what it should look like.

                                     Sew around the edges like this, and you are done!

          I also made a couple more of these as different animals. Once you make one, you can instantly see the endless possibilities.

I hope you guys found this tutorial easy to follow, and I'd love for you to tell me if you tried this out.

Happy New Years!

~ Emma-lee


  1. SO super cute! I also make iPod/iPhone covers (though I don't have iPod that size or an iPhone either), but yours are much much cuter!! LOVE these!!

  2. these are absolutely adorable!! I bet my nieces would love them- which gives me a few months to practice before their birthdays :)
    thanks for linking up!

  3. That is literally the cutest thing I've seen all day! Love it! And totally want to try! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Hey, new follower from the Tidbit Thursday Link Up. This is so cute! Can't wait to read more of your blog. :)