Monday, 28 January 2013

Catching Up

Sorry I haven't really posted anything recently. The Nexicom tower near our house burnt down, so I haven't had Internet last week. Not Fun :(  But, it would probably be best for me to catch up with you a bit now that I do have internet. Right?

Sunday was crazy busy! My Mom and I planned a HUGE baby shower for a lady at our church. We spent the whole day setting up, having the party, and taking down.  It turned out really nice though (see below for photos).

Monday was a lazy kind of day. We didn't do any school, we were all exhausted from Sunday. So we slept in, and really didn't do much.

Tuesday was more of a "let's get back on track" kind of day. We homeschooled, and cleaned. Not too exciting....especially with no internet.

Wednesday was another busy day. I babysat the girls while my Mom went to a midwife appointment, and did a lot of schoolwork. At around 7:30, me and my Dad went to an art show/sale/competition that my artwork was in (see below). I found out that I won 1st place! and I sold the photo as well. Pretty exciting eh? Yeah, I was happy :)

Thursday was pretty laid back. We worked, cleaned, and yeah....basically didn't do much

Friday I went to a gym class and co-op. Then my lovely friend had me over for a sleepover. Complete with walking through stores with British accents. Oh, yes. We're awesome.

Saturday was spent hanging out with Brooke :) very unproductive, but fun.

Saturday was Babysitting day! After church

And today, is looking like it's going to be another school day. I'm already looking forward to the weekend :/ Have a great Monday! and enjoy these photos from last week :)

                                                                      -  art show entry  -

xo Emma-lee


  1. ah glad you're back:) love the pictures! do you ice skate!?:) I went ice skating this past weekend, and well....I fell quite a few times;)

    1. Yeah, I love Ice Skating! and I too, fell quite a few times :b

  2. i love that skating picture! our pond froze on thursday, so we were skating like crazy over the weekend. :)

  3. You took these pictures?! Seriously. They are amazing.
    I ♥ the cupcake picture! I mean, sure I love anything that has to do with cupcakes, but that picture is awesome.
    Thanks for following my blog!