Thursday, 3 January 2013

Trying to give drawing advice without sounding cocky // Your finger just randomly bleeding // That weird mullet stage of growing your hair out // Walking into a fancy store, and feeling pretty shabby // Trying to pick out new boots in 10 minutes. Not enough time! // Being pressured by pushy sales people // Doing a photoshoot outside on New Years day morning....without a coat. // Those longs silences in phone calls // Truth or Truth // Thinking you're the only person in the public washroom. Don't ask. // Too much cleaning!

Christmas // New glasses ordered, and on their way // Grandparents // Hugo // Friends // 2012 // Staying up until midnight // Doing makeovers // Going shopping // Playing fun games // Laughing waay too much // Talking // Funny videos on YouTube // Friends that buy you CDs for Christmas // Eating so much food // Sweatpants and hoodies // Dancing // Glow sticks :)

Have an awesome 2013!



  1. Loved your list!


  2. Growing your bangs out is the worst! I think I've been on and off growing them out for years! Also I hate push sales people! It's like they can't take a hint that you don't want their help!
    Loved reading you lists! What a great idea!

  3. "Walking into a fancy store, and feeling pretty shabby"

    ^^ this - combined with the horrible moment one of the assistants sprays perfume at you, when you're talking or yawning, and you get a mouthful! Urgh!

  4. Haha this list is so great! :D Sounds like you've had a blast during the holidays..(:

    Thanks for linking up, Emma!

  5. I have that finger randomly bleeding problem all the time. There's nothing worse than leaving blood stains in the church hymnal. That's a pretty accurate list.

  6. Sounds like your awesome moments outnumbered your awkward ones :) Don't worry 'bout it!!

    We followed each other on deviantart, btw (I'm Maclafel7). Nice blog!