Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Giveaway Sponsor?

Hey guys! Guess what?! My blogaversary is in 15 days! It kind of snuck up on me really fast. But, I really wanted to have a giveaway to celebrate. Awesome right? Well, if you have stuff to giveaway. And unfortunately virtual hugs, and bragging rights just won't cut it. {But, you can have those anyway} So here's the catch, I need giveaway sponsors! : Nice people that are willing to donate an item from their shop, an ad space on their blog, or whatever. I would so greatly appreciate it, and so would my readers. If you would consider being a part of this, please email me at cynthia_hacker@hotmail.com

Thank you SO much for reading! Hopefully we can celebrate one year of blogging in style :D

Can't wait to hear some feedback,



  1. I could offer a blog design or something. :)

  2. Hi Emma-Lee, I am a Canadian, Christian, homeschool blogger too! I really liked the photos I saw on here and wondered if you would be interested in a link swap? On my blog I post short stories, audio skits, music, comics, Christian devotionals and more! I would really like to hear your feedback on my posts as well as give you feedback about yours! My blog is found at christophergreensoundengineer.blog.com.

    I know this doesn't really have anything specific to do with your above post, but I couldn't find any e-mail or general contact where I could send this instead.

    - God bless
    - Chris