Wednesday, 10 April 2013

D.I.Y. Wednesday // Vintage {looking} Mason Jars

Hey-o! Today I'd like to share a quick little DIY project with you. So you can make your own Vintage looking Mason jar! Pretty epic eh? Yeah. So to start off, I'm going to show you some materials you will need for this easy {and messy} craft.

one Mason Jar, some Mod Podge, a little bit of Water, Food Colouring {green, and blue}, and a Paintbrush.
First, you'll want to mix your Mod Podge, water, and food colouring together in a bowl. Make it pretty watery, but not too I making sense? Sometimes I don't even know if I'm speaking English! :b Mix until you get the right colour and consistency. Then pour a little bit into your jar.
Mix it up! Shake it! Shake it like your life depends on it!!! okay...maybe not that much. Just make sure the whole {inside of the} jar is covered!
Now open up the jar, and shake the rest of that stuff out into the bowl. Let your jar air dry, or if you're impatient like me, you can use a blow dryer. You might need to do 2 coats, but it just depends on how dark you want the colour to show.
                     And now you're done! Pretty nice if I do say so myself :) Thanks for reading!

                                                                     ~ Emma-lee

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