Thursday, 25 April 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

A sore neck // My Brother {he's 2} who speaks Spanish to me now. Thank you Diego. // Purple tongues // Doing absolutely nothing for earth day (I did make cupcakes though!) // A tiny spider making my Grandmother jump. I don't think I've ever seen her scream that loud either. // Wesley using pylons as party hats. Well, he must be a boy // being in Civilization for like ever // LIKE EVER // When people say LOOOOOL. Yeah .....luagh out out out out out loud! Did I mention I'm laughing OUT loud? // Cleaning the fridge. nuff said. // Super spicy minty toothpaste! // Not being able to go to sleep // The weather. still :(

Getting my very first job! So excited! // Getting 3 days worth of schoolwork done in one day. The beauty of homeschooling! // Wesley. Man, I love that kid so much // Tea Tree Oil. It really does work Lauricia! // Flip Flops // The Sun! // So many awesome opportunities // A painting course for May // OCHEC. I'm sooooo excited! // The weekend :D

Have an awesome Thursday guys!

~ Emma-lee


  1. haha! Benjamin speaks Spanish now too. dora and diego... he says "boy dora" for diego and "girl diego" or "girl dora" for dora. LoL

  2. Oh and I love the picture by the way :)