Saturday, 27 October 2012

To draw or not to draw?

 Some of you may have never ever tried to draw anything. Or maybe you've attempted it a few times, but failed. Well, don't give up yet. There are lots of reasons why you should draw! It's relaxing and stress relieving. Whenever I'm mad or upset I pull out my sketchbook and just draw. Even if I'm doodling, I find that it helps me calm down, and feel better. Drawing doesn't have to be realistic either. A drawing can be a doodle, a scribble, a sketch, and pretty much anything you want. You can use pencils, pens, paints, etc. And believe it or not, it helps us become more creative. I prefer drawing realistically, because I have yet to find the abstract artist within me. But, often times I'll just take my notebook and draw out random designs, logos, words, and basically whatever comes to mind. And It's quite fun. Even if you throw out your finished product or you aren't happy with it. You still learned something for next time. Maybe you learnt that you shouldn't make the lines so dark, or you shouldn't try to draw clouds in the shape of molecules. Whatever you draw you learn something from. That's how we discover new techniques, and new forms of art. So don't stop drawing just because your frustrated that it isn't turning out the way you imagined it. When I start sketching a picture, I always imagine it to be this amazing picture I saw on Pinterest or something, but it almost never ends up the way I imagined it. That doesn't mean it's not good, in fact, it means I've got my own unique style that likes to show itself through my drawings. And I'm sure you've heard it before - Everyone is one of a kind. Because, if everyone was the same, you would never have your very on style of creating. But don't get me wrong, if your 20 and you draw like a 7 yr. old, you should definitely keep progressing. We never stop learning, our brains are like sponges that absorb information as long as there is a constant flow of it. So learn from your mistakes, progress, and don't ever give up.

Another thought that might come to mind when considering art, is "it's too expensive! I don't want to spend a whole ton of money on something I might never actually enjoy".  Well the truth is, you probably have everything it takes to make art, right inside your house. A pencil, a paper, maybe even an eraser, that's all it takes! You don't need that fancy pencil kit from Michael's with all the different 2Bs and 8Bs. A regular old HB mechanical pencil works wonderfully.

I drew this using that pink mechanical pencil you see above. That's it! but, of course I'm not quite finished yet.

So you see, it's really just a matter of finding the time, and the tools. But, I'm sure that eventually once you start to like what your making, and enjoy what you're doing, you'll want to graduate to the better quality drawing tools. (a post on the tools I use, coming soon!) And don't limit your thinking to just drawing with pencils. Trust me, it's harder to get into other mediums once you've only focused on one for your entire life. But, we all prefer one medium over the other, I'm sure. Just remember to exercise yourself by using different stuff once in a while.

So there you go, I hope this inspired you to create one of a kind art. And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

<3 Emma-lee

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  1. Yep, that is the exact pencil I use along with a few others. Drawing is pretty much my favorite hobby, would never give it up! Great picture girl. your drawings are very real.