Monday, 15 October 2012

Surprise surprise!

Okay, okay, I'm so sorry I didn't end up posting yesterday. It was raining, so I didn't get any good pictures of "you don't know what". So yes, that is why I kept you in suspense for a day longer. *insert evil laugh here* Anywho, I am very proud to tell you that over the weekend..... I learned to crochet! Yes yes, I know, It's very exciting. I made my very first project this morning, a hat. Here it is:


But wait, that's not all! The picture in my last post was a photo of this lovely creation in the making. Here it is now. And it's mine :o)

My cape, modeled by the maker. Yes, my awesome sis made this for me. She also taught me to crochet. Now, I am officially addicted. Well, I hope this wasn't a disappointment. I hope you loved it, and who knows? Maybe there will be some more creations in the future. We'll see!



  1. I LOVE that toque! And the cape is great - awesome job, both of you!

  2. OOOO!!! Love them both!! Super cool!!
    I learnt how to crochet this year and it is a little addictive, yes!
    Have fun with that!! :D

  3. Awesome! I love them! I used to know how to crochet... but I havent done it in so long that I forgot how :( I will have to get back into it...

  4. That's so awesome! I need to learn how to do something like this so I can make cute hats and scarves.

    xo erica

  5. I love to crochet! I am horrible at it and end up skipping and missing more stitches then possible but its so relaxing and fun. Lovely colors! You've inspired me to pick up my crochet hook again!
    Much love,