Friday, 3 August 2012

Jean Fabric Covered Journal /// tutorial

So I decided to get crafty again. Finally I have come to you with a tutorial! Pretty Exciting eh? Yes, so I was feeling pretty guilty for not doing anything creative in a while. I pulled out my fabric box, and thought to myself. I came up with this - My Jean Fabric Covered Journal! (I'm still working on the name)......Enjoy

My Mom likes to recycle ripped jeans into shorts for my younger sisters. So we have a ton of these jean bottoms around. I thought I would recycle the recycled jeans by re-covering my old journal. Anyways....You will need a bottom of a jean leg, an old notebook, modpodge, scissors, and a paint brush. First, you will want to measure the fabric to see if will work. Then Cut the "jean tube" so that it becomes one rectangular piece of fabric. Measure the width and length of the book's spine, and cut two slots at the ends of the fabric (the width of the spine, and the length of the book apart), So that the book's spine can be glued to the fabric perfectly. Paint Mod Podge onto the cover, spine, and the back of the journal. Take the fabric and stretch it over the book tightly. Fold the ends of fabric over, and glue in place on the inner side of the cover, and back. (You might want to glue a page of the journal over the folded fabric, so that it looks nicer) Now you should be all done, and it should look something like this! (I added a little embellishment of my own onto the front)

I hope you were able to follow these instructions okay. Sorry for the horrible quality of photos :o(


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