Monday, 20 August 2012

Fashion These Days // part two

I hope all you guys liked part one of the series "Fashion These Days"and continue to like part two. This week I thought I'd share with you some of my beauty tips. Here we go!

1. Make-up :
This is a kind of harder subject to cover, because I don't really wear any makeup. But, I am a teenager who is prone to acne so I do use some cover-up from time to time. Other than that, the odd time I might wear mascara or eyeliner for special occasions. When I do though, I make sure the make-up is only applied enough to slightly enhance the appearance of my eyes, and not to overtake the rest of my face. My Tip for you is just to make sure your not overdoing the make-up. Remember, people like natural looking faces too.

"Pants or Skirts?"  At "Growing Home".  Good answers for modest Christian ladies!
2. Dresses/skirts :
I love dresses and skirts! Because they make me feel more girly. Anyone ever get tired of the same old jeans? I do. And every once and a while it's nice to break out the skirts. I like the long flowy maxi skirts best, but the shorter ones are nice too. Dresses are a little bit harder to find in stores nowadays. Now, your probably thinking "Wait a minute, did she just say it's hard to find dresses? No it's not!". Well, let me clarify.....It's hard to find Dresses, like actual decent ones that don't just make it past your butt. The good old fashioned ones, if you must. Shabby Apple is a great place to go for cute, modest dresses. These days there are so many Shabby Apple giveways I bet if you just entered every single one you wouldn't even have to pay for the dress yourself! WOOT! Old Navy actually has some pretty good dresses and skirts usually, for pretty good prices too. So my advice on skirts/dresses is always try and be modest, not flirty or showy. You can still be considered attractive in a skirt that goes down below the knees.

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3. Tops :
Walking into most any clothing store these days you will find almost all shirts are "go low or go home". What's with that?  V-necks I don't mind so much. But V-necks that show too much cleavage I do mind. Would it be too much to ask you to throw on a camisole under that? Or even a scarf can be a stylish way to cover up a low cut shirt. There are so many possibilities. I definitely am guilty of owning low cut shirts myself though. It's hard when your absolute favourite shirt is the one that comes down just a little too low. I'm totally struggling with it myself. But there are so many solutions that it really shouldn't be a problem. Just figure out what works best for you.

Perky Side Pony
4. Hair :
Right now your probably thinking "How can someone who has a pixie cut give hair advice?" Well I still remember what it's like to have long hair. It's hard. Just hard. I had wavy/frizzy hair and it was super frustrating. But the thing is, everyone's hair will keep on being frustrating until you take the time and effort to care for it. Consider investing in some nice paraben free shampoo and conditioner. It's healthy for your hair, and of course keeps it clean. If you have wavy hair, definitely consider purchasing a hair straightener. You will never regret buying a good straightener. A good brand to buy from is Connair. Regarding hair products such as gels and hair sprays, try and go natural. Let your hair be itself and try not to make it look super harsh by putting gel or spray in it. If you are going to buy hair products such as those, I will strongly suggest trying to buy paraben free products. You want to be very careful what chemicals you are dumping on your scalp.

pants pants pants
5. Pants:
Many people would not consider jeans or pants to be immodest, or a problem. And many pants aren't immodest or a problem. But it's those jeans that are so tight you'd just think they painted their legs blue. Those I consider to be immodest. I am a big fan of jeans. Whoever invented them.....*high five* you rock! But I think we have to be careful with how tight they are. Sure they cover all of your legs. But are they are so tight that the whole shape of your leg is revealed? That is the question we must ask ourselves. As for what style of pants to buy. Well, I prefer buying the "boyfriend" style jeans. (just becuase they seem to look better on me) But I always make sure they are nice and loose around my legs and bottom. Sometimes rolling the bottoms up creates a cute look. I always role mine up. Sometimes I will also just buy a pair of straight cut jeans. They work too, since I'm not a big fan of the jeans that flair out at the bottoms. So yeah, that's my advice I guess.

Thanks for reading! Sorry it took me so long.


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