Saturday, 11 August 2012

Fashion these days // part 1

Well, sorry my's been a while. This summer has been super busy, if you know what I mean. Anyways, I thought I'd take this very precious time to share with you something that has been very close to my heart for a long time now. You may not know this about me, but I am very "in to" fashion. I love dressing up for no reason, and shopping just for fun (it's waaaay too dangerous though). And one of the things that makes me quite upset is seeing other girls trying to be fashionable, and in on the latest trends, while selling themselves. By selling I mean -  They're trying to attract attention by the way they dress (and not necessarily good attention either) , not how they behave. What's even more upsetting is that what is found Attractive these days is hardly considered descent. The fads are changing daily, and I have given up trying to follow them. I mean, how many girls have you seen in the past week wearing.....short shorts, tight tanks or crop tops, the same sunglasses, the same shoes, the same everything? I'd say I can't even count how many girls I've seen dress pretty much the same way. Every where I look, it's the same thing....and it's boring. But it's that one girl with the cool glasses, and the vintage skirt that really captures my attention. So really, the way to be noticed, is to really just be different....but in a good way. That good way is what I want to talk about. I personally prefer starting trends not following them. Since I cut my hair short (to a pixie cut) I have had several people I know get theirs chopped off too. Being unique makes me happy. I've had people ask me why I tuck my shirt into my pants and skirts, I just tell them "Because I like it that way". And I do. So what if I'm the only one wearing a toque instead of a hood. I don't care, because next thing you know I'm going to be the only one wearing a sombrero instead of a toque. See what I mean? How did skinny jeans become fashionable? Someone had to be the first one to wear them, and sure they might have been the only one for a long time. But look at them now! Who doesn't own skinny jeans? The point I'm trying to get across, is this - If whats in style is not what's in you wardrobe....start a new fad. Why not? If attention is what your looking for though, you have to make sure it's good attention from the right people. I you wear skimpy tops and shorts so short that they could pass for underwear, then you might be attracting the wrong attention for the wrong reasons. But, if you start wearing cardigans, and cute vintage dresses then chances are you will attract attention from people that are maybe more interested in your personality than say, your body. I always try to dress in a way that is pleasing to my parents, my family, and most importantly God. And one of the rules my family has made (as a sign of honour to the Lord), is that we are required to wear a skirt or a dress to church each Sunday. To be honest, I didn't think it would be easy at first, and I was kind of rebelling. But as time went on, I realized how fun it is to dress up pretty. Sometimes you just need to give the jeans a break (and maybe wash them for once) and break out the old dress. You never know, maybe it's the "wave of the future" . LOL So to wrap this post up, I'm just going to show you ten Awesome skirts I've found. I hope you enjoyed/enjoy!
Pinned Imagelike liketwirly skirt
This dress is so
skirt. skirt. skirt.Pretty Tulle Skirtsgeek chic
zig zag

Love ya,
Emma-lee <3

PS: I think I might be doing more fashion posts, so stay tuned! :o)

PPS: Don't get scared away by the length of this post......really, I didn't mean to make it THIS long. Oh well. See ya

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  1. You have a great taste!! I love every single skirt! specially the one that is kinda mint color with small polka dots, xoxo