Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Tuesday's Letters

Welcome to a new weekly post, Tuesday's Letters! A post where I write to things :)

Dear Utopia,
Why are you so confusing?  and why do I have to write a report about you?
Sincerely Baffled,

Dear Emma-lee,
Stop wasting time! You need to suck it up and get to work. You have so much stuff you need to get done! Just do it!
Yours Truly,

Dearest Life,
You really are great. Busy, but great. I love you :) Please love me back!

Dear Hundreds and Hundreds of photos collecting digital dust on my SD card,
You need help. You need to relocate, get fixed, and be posted somewhere. Because you really are of no use to me where you are.

~ Emma-lee


  1. talking about letters, I'm really busy this week and the next. I got a lot of exams. So don't expect a letter from me really soon... but I promise that when I have enough time I'll write one. :)