Thursday, 16 May 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Not being able to stand up at a concert :( // Pig Latin // Trying to read a German restaurant's menu. What kind of schnitzel should we have tonight guys? // Trying out face mask recipes....So for anyone who hasn't tried the tissue egg white face mask. Just a hint: it doesn't look like this girl. I pretty much looked like Santa Claus. // Toy Story // Side Hugs ;) // Being confused // It being Thursday already! // Rori's Humongously huge smile. // Watching old videos. Oh. My. Goodness. So funny!...and embarrassing. // Almost fainting after coming out of the shower // The weather. It was SNOWING on Mother's Day guys! just let that sink in....

Commissions! // Getting Commissions done! // TobyMac / Jamie Grace concert! // Making cupcakes :) // Birthday Parties // Planning Beautimous photoshoots! // Really long phonecalls. // Blessings <3 // Going to Art stores! // The long weekend coming up XD // Having 100 followers! // My blogaversary

Hope you guys have an Awesome Thursday! Anything Awkward happen to you this week?

~ Emma-lee


  1. Side hugs! Hahaha that is too funny.

    Hope you have a fabulous Thursday :)

  2. I agree, side hugs are awkward. But when you have good friends it doesn't matter :)

  3. *jump jump jump* are you crying...?