Sunday, 5 May 2013

Best. Weekend. Ever!

I literally had THE BEST weekend ever! and I'm not exaggerating either. So as you may know, if you read this post, I went to a homeschool conference for Friday & Saturday. First of all, it was awesome. The speakers were great, and the fellowship with other like minded homeschooled teens was so encouraging. I already can't wait until next year! But, the thing you have to understand is that this conference was about 3 hours away from my house. So we stayed at a friend's place while we were attending the convention. Now, it's not every weekend that we drive to Toronto. So when I found out that there was also a Jamie Grace & TobyMac concert on Saturday night {in Toronto}, I really thought that maybe we could make it work. But sadly, because we were attending the conference on Saturday night, we couldn't. I was REALLY disappointed! Jamie Grace & TobyMac are two of my favourite singers! And the one time they were coming to Toronto in two years. I was going to miss it. But, me and my friend planned a moment of silence and grieving for when we would have been at the concert. We are pretty weird. That's all I can say. But, we were serious. So anyways, Saturday came around, and we were happily enjoying speakers and socializing, when my Mom told me that we had to leave early because Wesley was acting up at home (with the babysitters and the other kids). I was pretty sad about that too, but I sucked it up and we left at lunch time. About 3 hours later, we arrived safely back home. I was in a hurry to get all my stuff in the house, but my Mom told me I needed to come into the house. She was acting kind of strange (partly because of her car sickness), but it was freaking me out. She said she wanted to talk to the three oldest children, so we all circled around her. I was so confused, I thought she was going to tell me how many days she had left to live. But, thankfully she just wanted to tell us that we had ten minutes to get ready to go to the TobyMac & Jamie Grace concert!!!!!!!! And man was I ever excited!....and relieved. My legs actually went limp. {not joking} I was sooooooo HAPPY! So in a short while we left. Another 3 hours into Toronto. But, 9 hours of driving in one day doesn't really matter when Jamie Grace is involved right? We also picked up Brooke on the way. {it was a surprise for her too} The drive down was filled with loud music, awkward selfies (see below), and pretty much fangirling. I honestly never thought I could be that excited for a concert! The music was amazing, and Jamie Grace even included a rap in her performance. I was really happy! DJ Maj, and Byron Mr. Talkbox Chambers were also there. It was such a fun night!!! And ^^ the best weekend ever! So enjoy these really bad photos from the concert, and some other little tidbits of awesomeness. Oh, and by the Parents are THE BEST! Love you Mom & Dad XD

                                              when I said "Awkward Selfies", I meant it.

Hope you guys had a great weekend too!
xo Emma-lee


  1. Glad you had a great time! *brushes away her disappointment* Those awkward selfies were HILARIOUS!!!!!


  2. Wow, so happy for you! (really!) We had the Reid's over last night and Melanie told me all about it...sounds like you both had such a great time! I think it's especially funny because you were telling me all day how terribly sad you were that you weren't going.....but you were going the whole time! Your parents must be really good at keeping secrets. :)

  3. Looks like you had an awesome time. And I'm so glad I found another Canadian blogger! Yay! I'm a Canadian living overseas at the moment, and I miss home a lot. Love your blog!

  4. I went to that concert only in Saskatoon. Everything about was AMAZING!!!
    How did you get that close up picture of Jamie Grace? Not preforming?

    1. Yeah, it was really great! haha that picture was actually taken by Jamie Grace on my friend's ipod. She got it signed, and after Jamie Grace signed it she took a selfie :b Pretty cool eh?