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Guest Post // Tola Ferris

 Hello Readers! Today I'd like you to Welcome Tola Ferris. She is the talented girl behind the blog: A New Beginning, and she has prepared this wonderful guest post for you today. Thank you so much Tola, and happy adoption anniversary!!{I guess that's what you would call it right?}

Bonjour ladies and gents I’m Tola Ferris. The blogger behind A New Beginning. Emma asked me to tell a little about my book, which is such an honor to me. Thank you Emma.


The day I was adopted -

Fifteen years ago (Today to be exact) I was adopted from Cambodia in my sixth year. I did not know nor understand that I was being adopted. A few days later I was flying half way around the world to the country of America. A place where I had heard that everything was made out of gold. I soon discovered my school taught me wrong, but the land was rich with unique and fascinating people.

As the years passed, I would think back to home country, and run through the memories in my mind. When I was sixteen, I decided to write down all my memories of my past so that I would never forget them. The next thing I knew, I had two full journals. My father saw what I was doing, and surprised me by finding an agent who would publish my book. A year later, my book was published.

Inside the book:

I grew up in a house built on stilts near the edge of the jungle. My days consisted of exploring, eating fruits, bugs, climbing trees, and contemplating. I spent many hours alone, and my parent’s didn’t worry if I didn’t come home. Thus I became a very independent child, but I also desired the affections that parents gave to their children. Sadly, my parents didn’t care as much about me as they did for my little brother. I was pretty much invisible unless they needed something done.

Military men drove up, and down the road in front of my house. There was always the constant sound of gunfire at night as I tried to sleep. I told myself that one day I would follow the tanks and see where they led. I had no idea that my country was still recovering from a very tragic battle, and that every single day that I walked through the jungle, I could have died from land mines. God was watching over me from the very beginning. I had never heard about God, but in my heart, I knew there had to be a greater being out there. Someone watching over me, because I felt quite lonely at times.

One day for my very own protection, my parents sent me away to be adopted. A man on a motorcycle took me into the city, where I discovered that my world was much, much bigger than I could even perceive.

I stayed with a French family for a few weeks, then the motorcycle man came again taking me to the orphanage where I stayed for three months and was adopted. Then I discovered the meaning of family, and finding that God had a much bigger purpose for me. He protected me from death so many times.

To sum it all up:

Now that I am twenty-one, I would love to go back, and teach the gospel to the people of my town. You can visit my blog and purchase my book, or help support me on my mission trip or just get to know more about me. I love getting to know people, now that I finally moved past my shyness.

Thank you Emma for having me, and have a blessed day everyone.


Tola Ferris @ A New Beginning

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