Thursday, 7 March 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

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Saying really stupid stuff // Being terrible at Geography // Trying to get my little brother to stay still while I take a picture of him...didn't work // Reading Old English // Doing the scene at the end of Tin Tin where they're on the cranes for charades. It was not my idea! // Babysitting everyday this week. // Watching this movie with my siblings....why do I do this to myself?? // Pretending I'm a cooking show host ^^ // Going to bed and hearing the sound of mice in the ceiling. Good thing I can't see them..

My Mom's due date today!! // Really Loud Music and flashlights! // Getting a letter from this girl. Thank you! // Knowing the lyrics to songs // My Life // Rosie // My Sisters :D // How I'm sitting on the counter right now. // Babysitting! // Wesley (Chookey)

xo Emma-lee


  1. I'm glad you liked my letter :)

  2. Hahaha I always do that while cooking too! It's fun. I also used to pretend I was on Zoom. Haha! And I remember watching Little Secrets when I was younger. It was goofy :p

  3. Haven't done the cooking show thing yet, but I do talk to my dog and my cat... sometimes when they're sleeping...