Saturday, 29 September 2012


You know that day where practically nothing goes wrong (other than the camera dying), when the weather is great, friends are letting you take pictures of them, and you get to eat as much perogies as you want. Well, that day was yesterday. I finally turned fourteen! (yes, it was my Birthday) And I had so much fun! My lovely sisters woke me up with cards, presents, and Amy even made her "famous" Cinnamon Cakes for Breakfast. I felt so blessed to have so many people as excited as I was, all around me. After Breakfast we left to pick up my best friend Brooke, and we were off to the Bobcaygeon Fall fair! This was are very first year going to the fair, and I must say, it was so awesome. We had all entered things in the competitions, and if you have ever been to a country fair you know how exciting it is to walk into the building and see a first place ribbon on your entry. I am proud to say......

Bethany got first place in "cartoon drawing"
Lily got second place in "handmade card"
Katie got first place in "portrait drawing"
Amy got second place for her "handmade doll"
and I got first place in " Drawing (any subject)", second place in "Portrait drawing", first place in "Pencil Sketch", and second place in "digital photo enhancement"

So yeah, lets just say it was a pretty awesome Birthday. But wait, that's not all. After we finished looking at all the competition entries, we watched a horse show, and the best miniature horse costume competition. It was so great to watch! After the fair, we went to our trailer park and did a photoshoot. I love doing photoshoots! (photos will be posted on my other blog soon) And then, my Grandma made perogies (my absolute favourite meal ever!!). How awesome is that!? Anyway....after having said all that, I just truly realize how blessed I am to have such amazing family and friends. Who willingly accept my invitations to let me take photos of them.

                                                    isn't this sweet?

                                                   Amy's crocheted doll (her own pattern)

                                                                     baby cow

                                             Katie's Self Portrait (she's only 8 by the way)

                                                                    Bethany's Cartoon

                                                                 my Dog drawing

                                                               my Portrait Drawing

                                                              my digital enhancement entry

                                                         miniature horse costume competition
                                                                (ketchup and a hot dog)

                                                       Dorothy and the Scarecrow

                                                               The whole wizard of Oz gang
                                                             even Todo! (they won of course)


Sorry for the terrible photo quality, my Dad actually just ordered a DSLR yesterday so this is just temporary. I hope you enjoyed reading this post!




  1. Cool! Great pictures!!! Happy late birthday!

    Isabelle <3

  2. holy moly Emma-Lee! Congrats on being 14 - going on 24.. you're super talented, and blessed with the clearly evident confidence to be the unique and creative soul God made you to be! So glad to be able to 'blog-follow' you now and get to know you better (though hopefully we'll get to do more art together real soon)! Happy thanksgiving! ;o)
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