Thursday, 12 September 2013

What Happened?

Where have I been? Somewhere not in the blogosphere, that's for sure. I never intended to stop blogging for the Summer, it just kind of happened. Then with the school year starting up and everything, life has been so hectic. But instead of giving you a list of excuses why I haven't been around lately, I'm just going to start over. So let's pretend I didn't abandon this blog, and that things will be as normal again. More posts will come. I promise.

xo Em


  1. Welcome back! I haven't been doing nearly as much blogging as I would like to either. :p Great picture of you!

  2. Same here, I didn't blog enough in the summer like I was planning too. :/

  3. So glad to see you're back! I was missing you photography.

  4. Hey Emma-lee, Hope you have an awesome birthday!! :)