Thursday, 4 July 2013

Awkward & Awesome Thursday

Not having a "Grand Finale" at the end of the Canada Day fireworks. A little disappointing. // Getting your bike "stolen". // Very sore wrists...and legs....and arms...and pretty much your whole body. // Sleeping in your jeans // Very late meetings // Pretty much being a zombie after finishing work // Not doing an A&A in SO long! Oops. // The Weather. // Just hanging out with your friends when someone they all know comes along and starts giving all of them hugs and being all mushy with everyone BUT you. Then when all of that is over....they just kind of realize you were standing there, and awkwardly greet you...without making any physical contact. // Getting really excited about finding old Veggie Tales. Hello childhood. // Not having a phone....// The GFC shutting down rumor

Looking after super cute & chubby babys! // My prettyful sign thingy ^^ // Working :) // My Bike // Summer!! // Free Wifi // Clearance Sales // Being an "Honourary Dorm Member". // The fact that Brooke is coming over tonight! XD // Today being my day off!

Happy Thursday Everyone!


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  1. Hello Emma-lee! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. :-)