Friday, 8 June 2012

Starburst Bracelet

supplies: starburst wrappers (not ripped)
step 1. fold the two sides into the middle like this
step 2. then fold the two sides into the middle again

step 3. now fold the long sides into the middle

step 4. then unfold what you did in the last step, so that there is a crease in the middle

step 5.  fold in half

step 6. then fold the two sides in towards the centre

step 7. fold it in half so that it looks like these ones

step 8. now you can link them together by putting the two sides through the spaces of another one

step 9. Once you have figured out how to make the links than you can link them together into a long chain, and make a bracelet by squeezing a dot of krazy glue into the spaces of the two end links, then attach them together.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.....and maybe you might even want to start a starburst wrapper collection now :o)


  1. that's so cool! so that's what you were collecting starburst wrappers for! :D

  2. Oh my word! That is so awesome. If I find someone who eats a lot of those, I'll be saving the wrappers :)